Am compiling list of dick moves made by coaches, and am taking suggestions... Clarifications: in...


Am compiling list of dick moves made by coaches, and am taking suggestions... Clarifications: in college football re: an onfield situation beyond just average running up the score. Think Harbaugh 2009 vs. USC. - EDSBS on Twitter earlier today (here and here)

I sent this one in, although I don't think it will stack up favorably to some of the great moments in college coaching dickheadedness like the Gator Flop, Woody Hayes unnecessarily going for 2 against Michigan and then saying he only did it because they wouldn't let him go for 3, and others. Actually USF football has mercifully few moments in its history that even come close to qualifying as dickish. But there is one that stands out. The Bulls were in Little Rock playing Arkansas in 2002, and they got absolutely walloped. The Razorbacks held the ball for over 40 minutes, rolled up 500+ yards, and by early in the third quarter they already had a 42-0 lead. That lead was still in place late in the fourth quarter when USF got the ball for one last possession and finally got a drive together. They made it down to the Arkansas 12-yard line with under two minutes left. The drive stalled, and after what I assume was a strange running play on 3rd and 12 (the ESPN box score doesn't look accurate), Leavitt decided to kick a field goal with 38 seconds left to avoid getting shut out. Final score: 42-3. I mean, I understand trying to save face, and the Bulls had never been shut out up to that point, but you don't kick a pointless field goal just so you can say you scored. That's like bunting to break up a no-hitter. And this happened in Arkansas, so I'm sure the fans were very understanding and tolerant of the Bulls' decision that night. (Fortunately I wasn't there, although I considered it.) Take your shot on 4th down, and if you don't get a first down or get in the end zone, then at least you tried. Kicking that field goal was the dickest in-game move in USF history, and there's really nothing to compare it to. Except for maybe right after that, because then they tried an onside kick.

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