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USF's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week

Is it wrong that I have this creeping feeling of dread setting in? I mean sure, some of my concerns for the coming athletic year are legit, because it's not realistic to expect great things out of Skip Holtz in his first year with a bunch of new players and a brutal schedule. Nor is it realistic to expect another 20-win season out of Stan Heath with half the roster turning over and his best player now in the NBA.

Still, though, there's been quite the stream of bummers coming out of Fowler Avenue lately. This is just what's happened in the last week or so. (I almost called this post Worst of the Bull-ogosphere but hopefully it isn't a recurring feature like the other one is.)

And that doesn't even get into the Roburt Sallie non-signing, which probably wasn't going to happen anyway. Sallie was playing basketball at Memphis, and getting him in the first place would have required some graduate-school chicanery that would have upset me if the university allowed it to happen. It's graduate school -- there are high admission standards and they shouldn't be bent just because you happen to be good at basketball. Anyway, Louisville signed Sallie (possibly out of Calipari-induced desperation) even though they don't know if he can qualify.

Maybe this is just a flareup of the repressed Bulls paranoia and dread that most of us carry around with us. But this has been a pretty lousy 10 days on the face of it.

I'll let you all settle this for me. Am I coming down with a case of The Fear here? Or is it way too early for this kind of thing?