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Best of the Bull-ogosphere July 5-17

There is a lot out there that we don't get to, here is the best of the rest for the past two weeks.

- First let's welcome in Green, Gold, and Bold, which means there are now 2.5 Bulls blogs out there! (If you don't know, TheBullGator is the .5) He has done a great job so far, and you can check him out doing some position reviews with the running backs and fullbacks.

- There is a challenger for the title of the USF Human Victory Cigar! Fred Lewis Jr., son of the USF great Fred Lewis, is walking on at USF this season. The 6'4" Lewis was Hillsborough County's leading scorer this year, averaging 26 points a game for Bayshore Christian. Scott Carter spoke with Fred Sr., and spoke about why Fred Jr. chose to walk on at USF instead of taking a scholarship at the University of Tampa.

"He wanted to stay close to home and hopefully he can grow a little more and add some weight while he is at USF. After a year, we’ll re-assess where he’s at and what’s best for him. The experience of being around a Division I program and the big-time competition should only help him get better.’‘

Right now I'm still leaning towards giving the USFHVC title to Jordan Heath, but at the very least, it's nice to have another quality person in there battling with guys like Hugh Robertson and JAWANZA! Poland in practice.

- Speaking of walk-ons, Greg Auman is reporting that Lakewood Ranch H-Back Jake Carlton will be a preferred walk-on when fall practices start up next month.

- Greg Auman is reporting that 2010 season tickets are down slightly this year, with 21,576 tickets being bought so far this season. At the same time last year there were 22,697 tickets purchased. It looks like most people are in a wait and see mode with the new staff, but I think it also contributed that Pitt is the best team on the home slate this season.

- Dominique Jones is now richer than you or I will ever be. Jones inked a guaranteed 2 year deal with the Dallas Mavericks worth almost $2 million. There are club options for the following two seasons, but we wanted to wish Jones the best of luck, and to make sure that he sends a nice donation to the Athletic Department when his new contract comes around.

- USF Related YouTube of the Week:

USF Football intro 2005 (via USFootball05)

- Finally, GoUSFBulls has two stories up with some of USF's new hires. First they have a very nice interview with new men's golf coach Chris Malloy, and Lelo Prado announced that former UTampa assistant Frank Maldonado will be the baseball team's new volunteer assistant.