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Best of the Bull-ogosphere July 18-26

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There is a lot we didn't get to over the past week, so here is the best of the rest.

- Probably one of the cooler things to watch on is the daily construction photos of all the new projects in the Athletic District. You can see the progress on the football practice fields, the new softball and baseball stadiums, the tennis courts renovation, and the Muma Basketball Center. My favorite has to be the softball stadium for the fact that they have to start from scratch while the other sites were already at other USF venues.

- Green, Gold, and Bold continues their breakdown of the USF roster with a look at the wide receivers, tight ends, and tackles. You can also check out their countdown of the 5 greatest moments of USF football last year.

- Who likes Lee Roy Selmon's BBQ? Do you like an AYCE buffet with draft beer included? What about a bus ride to a Rays game that has said free beer included? I see everyone is pretty excited. Well LRS is doing all of that plus a ticket to the game and a Rays/USF hat all for $75. With Toro just arriving back in Tampa, I'm sure there will be at least one V5er doing this.

- The Oracle is starting to rev up again with a countdown of 10 players to watch at fall camp. Pretty much all the usual suspects you would expect in a list like this, but I don't know why you would include Sterling Griffin. It seems that he wouldn't even be ready for fall camp, but what do I know.

- Speaking of fall camp, Greg Auman is reporting that the football team might be staying at Dodgertown in Vero Beach for the first two weeks of fall camp. Skip went to the Berkshire Mountains while at UConn for camp, and Dr. Lou frequently did this while at Notre Dame. Skip talked about the positives while at camp on Friday saying,

"I think we need to get into a camp atmosphere -- we have to have camaraderie and chemistry building, players getting used to coaches and coaches getting used to players. This allows us to do that with zero distractions, and as a new staff, there's an advantage in being able to do that."

I'm a huge fan of this. With it being the first year of the Holtz regime, having the coaches and players get to know each other's tendencies would be huge in an isolated setting. Plus being at a place like Dodgertown is awesome. It's a great facility, and it just oozes with history and tradition.

- To all those Bulls fans who love wasting $75 on a tie, Vineyard Vines has just the thing for you! They have just released two USF ties, and they both look pretty dang good. Wearing one of those would be great for USF Fridays, but those are just a little bit out of my price range. (h/t gopbull07)

The USF YouTube of the week and more for you after the break.


- USF related YouTube of the week:

USF - Week 5 (via mafioso697)

Who's ready for football after watching that?

- More from USF's Sling and Shoot from the weekend. Corey Dowlar from has three GREAT galleries from the weekend, and you can check them out here, here, and here. Greg Auman spoke to USF's newest commitment Matt Floyd, who said that he and fellow QB commit Steve Weatherford will both be enrolling at USF in January. Having 4 scholarship QB's ready for Spring Practice instead of an injured B.J. Daniels and 4 walk-ons will make me very happy.

- Men's Soccer is at it again with Coach Keifer adding two more players for the incoming season. Jamaican National U-23 players Midfielder Ricardo Webb and Forward Christopher Waugh should bring the level of competition up during fall camp. I'm not going to guarantee a Big East championship and a long run in the NCAA tournament this year, but don't be surprised if it happens.