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All in the Game, Yo: David "Boo" Simon Commits to USF

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No, not that David Simon, but this one's better, all things considered. I don't think the other one can play college football.

This David Simon is an offensive tackle from Bay Minette, Alabama, who goes by the name of Boo and was rated as a three-star recruit by both Rivals and Scout. As Greg Auman (link below) points out, USF needs several offensive linemen with all of this year's projected starters either juniors or seniors, so this starts filling a vital need. It also fits with Skip Holtz's emphasis on recruiting intelligence as well as talent -  among Simon's other suitors were Duke, Wake Forest, Stanford, and Vanderbilt.

(Note to self: Start watching reruns of The Wire so you can make all kinds of clever references to the show when talking about Simon over the next five years. Maybe start watching Treme, too.)

All the usual suspects have sacrificed their Friday evenings to get their stories up and available, so out of appreciation for their diligence I'll link to all of them: