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Practice Roundup: Keeping It Short Before the Scrimmage Edition

Let's get through this quickly so that you can get over to Vero Beach if you're going to watch the scrimmage today.

-- If you're wondering why it seems like Michael Lanaris has surpassed Sam Barrington as the first-string middle linebacker, Scott Carter might have the reason why. Barrington is recovering from a shoulder injury and the coaches have him on a restrictive-contract program.

-- Speaking of the depth chart, Skip Holtz has maintained all through fall practice that the results of Saturday's scrimmage will help them update it for the first time since April. Scott and The Oracle's Phil Neary, filling in as a correspondent for the Tribune, have a good rundown of some of the more unsettled position battles going into today. 

-- Greg Auman has a feature story about backup running back Demetris Murray. Of all the non-starters on the team right now, Murray is my pick to have the biggest impact this season. I have no data or evidence to back this up, it's just a hunch.

-- Meanwhile,'s Laurel Pfahler filed a story for the Times with news about TE Jeff Hawkins returning to practice after missing most of this week with concussion-ish symptoms, along with some other typical camp bumps and scrapes.

-- Of course, yesterday was Friday the 13th, and USF's Training Camp Central decided to ask the players about some of their superstitions. This isn't like Phil Esposito-level superstition here, but the guys have some good ones. Especially OT Austin Reiter, who admitted that before games he goes around reciting lines from Point Break, the best bad movie of all time. Welcome to Sea World, kid!

Saturday's scrimmage gets going at 11:00, and don't forget tomorrow is also USF Day at Tropicana Field when the Rays take on the Baltimore Orioles. Anyway, little hand says it's time to rock and roll. Have a good day.