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Our Big East Blogger Pre-Season Awards Ballot

Sean at Troy Nunes Is an Absolute Magician is giving out the Big East Blogger Pre-Season Awards with input from all of our sister blogs on the network, and of course we accepted the invitation. Our ballot and comments are below.


1. What will be the final Big East standings?

1. Pitt
2. WVU
3. Cincinnati
4. THESOUTHFLORIDABULLS (Sorry. We let Al Keck fill out our ballot.)
5. Rutgers
6. UConn
7. Syracuse
8. Louisville

If you want any comments from the list, you can get them here.

2. How will the Big East Bowl picture shakeout?

Pittsburgh - BCS; West Virginia - Champs; Cincinnati - Meineke; USF - Birmingham/Liberty; Rutgers - Yankee (this is the lead-pipe lock of bowl season); UConn - Beef 'O' Brady's

3. Big East Offensive Player of the Year.

Noel Devine, West Virginia. Pittsburgh's Dion Lewis is more of a 1A then number 2, but Devine is the most explosive player in the nation. If Bill Stewart can remember to give Noel more than 15 carries a game, West Virginia will win the conference.

4. Big East Defensive Player of the Year

Greg Romeus, Pitt. The LobsterFest co-champion was a terror for the Panthers last season, totaling 43 tackles and 8.5 sacks. With the nucleus of the defensive line returning for the 'Stache, Romeus should only improve on those numbers this year.

5. Big East Freshman of the Year

Terrence Mitchell, CB, USF. The Tampa Hillsborough High product was a late commit, switching from Florida State to the Bulls. Coach Holtz has already stated that Terrence will see some major playing time, and he will compete for a starting cornerback position this season.

6-12 Big East Superlatives

Best Quarterback: B.J. Daniels, USF
Best Running Back: Noel Devine, West Virginia
Best Wide Receiver: Jonathan Baldwin, Pittsburgh
Best Offensive Lineman: Alex Hoffman, Cincinnati
Best Defensive Lineman: Greg Romeus, Pittsburgh
Best Linebacker: Lawrence Wilson, UConn
Best Defensive Back: Brandon Hogan, West Virginia

13. Special Teams Player of the Year

Rob Long, Syracuse. It's hard not to pick the punter who has two blogs named after him.

14. Big East Coach of the Year

Do we have to do this? We do? DAMMIT. Dave Wannstedt, Pittsburgh. We're gonna go drink now.

15. Most Likely Big East Coach To Be Coaching In Big Ten/SEC Next Year

Greg Schiano, Rutgers. He has been waiting for Joe Paterno to retire, biding his time and keeping his name in the spotlight with 8-9 wins a year, and it seems like this might be the last go round for JoePa. Schiano will do whatever it takes to lead the Nittany Lions out of the tunnel in 2011.

16. Most Likely Big East Coach To Be A Coordinator In The MAC Next Year

Bill Stewart, West Virginia. Every coach is reasonably safe from getting fired this year, but Stewart wins this due to the recent NCAA infractions.

17. Most Likely Big East Player To Score Major Points In The Fulmer Cup

Jock Sanders, West Virginia. He has had his share of run-ins with the law, almost getting kicked out of Morgantown last season due to a DUI arrest.

18. Best Uniforms in the Big East

USF's white helmet/green jersey/white pants combo. This should be the default home uniform the Bulls wear every week. Pitt’s home uniforms are a close second.

19. Worst Uniforms in the Big East

Louisville's hideous blackout jersey. "The Ville" wordmark on the front of the jersey puts this over the top. Black alternates went out of style 10 years ago (that means you too, Georgia). They should just stick to their red jerseys (that means you too, Georgia). West Virginia's gold-on-gold combo is another horrible look.

20. Best Homefield Advantage

West Virginia. Hearing the fans sing Country Roads at the end of home victories is something you have to see and hear once in your life. Plus you may have to run for your life after the game if you're a visiting fan and your team wins. Ask any USF fan who was in Morgantown in 2006. They did NOT take that well.

21. Worst Homefield Advantage

Cincinnati. Even though Nippert Stadium is one of the cooler venues in college football, the fact that it seats only 35K doesn't help.

22. Team Most Likely to Defy Expectations

USF, not because we think they'll win 10 games, but because everyone is picking them so low that people think the Bulls are going to have a losing record. They'll win 7 or 8.

23. Team Most Likely to Fall Short of Expectations

Connecticut. The Huskies have taken the media darling award away from USF. But we just don't see them making the leap this year.

24. Big East Coach From Another Team You'd Most Want Coaching Your Team

Randy Edsall, UConn. No one gets more out of his players thanEdsall.

25. Big East Player From Another Team You'd Most Want Playing For Your Team

Dion Lewis. The Bulls haven't had a workhorse running back since Andre Hall. It would be nice to hand it off to Dion 25 or 37 times a game and let him go to work.


Anything you guys would change? Let us know in the comments below.