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At Least Shakin' the Southland Is Bullish About USF

For the record, we're not surprised USF didn't get any AP preseason Top 25 votes. We didn't even feel right voting for ourselves in the BlogPoll, not even in a "Steve Spurrier giving a shout-out to Duke" kind of way. No one else did, either, with the exception of DrB at Shakin' the Southland, SB Nation's Clemson blog.

(Even if you're not a Tigers fan, you should read StS from time to time for the game analyses and the incredible education you'll get about the strategies of college football. Once I start our USF football database -- more on that later -- I can only hope this blog turns out like anything resembling that one.)

Not only did he include the Bulls in his poll, he put them all the way up at #18. In one of the comments, he explains that he filled out his poll based more on where he thinks teams will end the season, rather than where they are right now. As for why he has USF in his poll, we'll let him explain why:

USF may beat most of their schedule just on talent but Skippy can actually coach, unlike Granny Clampett, so I see them competing for the Big East title this year until the very end with Pitt. I think Skip reverses their late-season collapse trend.

("Granny Clampett" = Lou Holtz. It's a Clemson blog.)

We think Skip can coach too, but the sheer number of holes to fill, plus the schedule, are the reasons we didn't rank ourselves. We're in a "wait and see" mode instead of a skeptical "prove it" mode, like we might have been if this blog existed last year. But there's a lot of upside and hopefully this ranking (or one even higher) turns into reality at the end of the season. Instead of in the middle of it.