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USF Football Practice Roundup: Back to School Edition

Apologies for the lack of practice updates. We've been busy trying to compile a Big East blogger challenge that we will introduce next week. Just a small spoiler, it has its roots with the best sports radio show the Tampa Bay area has ever had. That should narrow it to one or two people for you.

- If you haven't seen it already, Coach Holtz released his 2nd depth chart of the fall earlier this week, and Greg Auman like always provides a quality breakdown of the new two-deep. Surprises include Bradley Battles passing Demetris Murray and becoming a co-starter at RB with Moise Plancher, and George Baker becoming a co-starter at corner with Kayvon Webster. If you would like to see the depth chart in all of its glory, click here. I'm sure it will change a couple of more times before the season starts when some people come back from injuries.

- Speaking of injuries, Green, Gold, and Bold has a good rundown on the current injury situation on the squad. Nothing that we haven't heard of, but its good to see everything in one place. I am glad that everyone is still expecting Sterling Griffin to be ready by October.

- Skip hates practicing on the first day of school


- Final scrimmage is today, and from there it looks like we should have our final depth chart and go into our gameweek routine on Sunday after a day off on Saturday. Skip will be paying some extra attention to special teams today according to Scott Carter. We talked about the lack of production from all of our special teams units this earlier this summer, and if you want to reread our breakdown, click here.

- Finally, don't worry about any nooners in Tampa for the time being, as the first three home games against Stony Brook, Western Kentucky, and Florida Atlantic are all starting at 7:05. This pleases us greatly.