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Finally Time For Football - Game Week Preview

We've been waiting almost six months to get into game mode around here. The wacky offseason helped kill a lot of time, and we came up with some other diversions, but we're finally starting our football routine this week. Here's a preview of what you should look for leading up to the first game of the season against Stony Brook:

SUNDAY: I will finally post the #4 player on our 15 For 15 list (I'm uploading a highlight reel from his best game to YouTube now). I will also roll out our Big East blogger game, called "Protect Your Unit." Yes, it has to do with gambling. Yes, it's going to be awesome. Yes, it's for entertainment purposes only.

MONDAY: I'll have some fun over/unders for the Bulls this season. If you're wondering where to go with Ryne Giddins's 26-sack prediction for this season, here's a hint: take the under. These are also for entertainment purposes only.

WEDNESDAY-ISH: If Ken can find someone associated with Stony Brook to trade Q&A's with, our Bulls Recon series will return to start getting you ready for Saturday's game.

THURSDAY: #3 on our 15 For 15 countdown will go up. Our first set of Protect Your Unit picks will be posted, and the Thursday night open thread will be available for you to talk about the first games of the year, including Wannstache heading out to Utah to see if he can really outdo himself this year and torch his team's season before we get to Labor Day.

FRIDAY: Our game prediction thread. I'm pretty sure we all like USF to win this week.

SATURDAY: We know a lot of you will be at the game, but we'll have a Game Thread open for conversation, so have those smartphones dialed into the site. Toro and Ken will probably be at all the home games and some of the road ones as well, but I'll be in nearly every football game thread holding court since I have to watch the games on TV. You can also talk about other games going on, like the LSU-North Carolina slugfest, or Cincinnati going out to Fresno to take on Pat Hill's mustache.

After the game there will be some brief thoughts, and on Sunday we'll find something from the game to focus on in depth with some video clips to go along with it. Then we'll start getting ready for Florida, and the cycle begins again.

And of course if things come up along the way (hopefully nothing like major injuries or academic problems), we'll catch those as well. So get ready, everyone. We're almost there.