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Practice Roundup: Day 2

Not quite as much interesting stuff as the first day, understandably. Also I can't seem to get the Bulls Vision interview with Skip Holtz to play as I write this, so I might come back and add to this later or just do another post if there's something worth revisiting. But here's a quick summary from Friday's practice:

-- No more red #7 jerseys at practice -- B.J. Daniels' no-contact jersey is gone.

-- Both Scott Carter and Greg Auman focused their print recaps of practice on freshman CB Terrence Mitchell. I'll probably do some handicapping this weekend on the odds of the incoming freshmen seeing the field this year, but Mitchell is going to be right up near the top of the list. Says Holtz in Greg's story:

"We know he's talented and can run and jump, but it's just where's he going to be mentally? He's definitely got a chance to get in this mix and compete for a spot in the two-deep. He's probably the lead guy right now as having a chance to contribute on this football team out of the freshmen."

-- Scott also passed along his best guess for the first and second-team receivers -- it was Dontavia Bogan, Evan Landi, and Lindsey Lamar with the first team, while Victor Marc, Derrick Hopkins, and walk-on Stephen Bravo-Brown were on the second team. There are still a few other receivers to work with, namely T.J. Knowles, Welch, and (grits teeth) Colby Erskin, but once again, it could be a very long couple of months before either A.J. Love or Sterling Griffin get back.

-- Everyone noticed the improvement from punter Justin Brockhaus-Kann from spring to fall. I didn't really go into it when I did my post about Brockhaus-Kann, but the punting during the spring game was not good at all -- the distances were pretty short and the kicks didn't stay in the air that long. So any news about the progress of JBK* or Chris Veron will make me feel better.

-- This tidbit from doesn't reflect well on the previous staff, I don't think:

During the midway point of today's practice Coach Holtz stopped the Bulls and told them to come to the sideline, sit down and take five minutes to catch a breather and a drink. Stunned, the team didn't quite believe their coach but once they realized that it was no joke it spurred several of the players to yell out, "It's a Holtz new era!" 

Practice starts to ramp up a little bit tomorrow afternoon as the players put on the shoulder pad shells for the first time. We're down to four weeks before kickoff. And if you're over on the east coast of Florida, the Bulls arrive tomorrow evening and start practicing at whatever they're calling Dodgertown these days on Monday.

* - May or may not be an authorized nickname, but I was getting lazy.