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Athletics Announces Student Ticket Process For USF/UF Game

Come on down to Gainesville town, everyone.
Come on down to Gainesville town, everyone.

Sure, USF will promote this in as many places as possible, but this won't hurt either. If you're a current student, Athletics has announced the student ticket process for the game in Gainesville on September 11. You have between August 9-27 to request tickets, which will be given out based on priority points.

Go to, then click on "Tickets" and follow the "Student Tickets" link. Tickets are $48 apiece - a credit card is required to place your request, but it will only be charged if you get a ticket. Limit one ticket per student.

P.S. We understand if you have to shuffle tickets around if you get one and your buddies or your significant other don't. But if you get one of these tickets and then turn around and sell it for profit on eBay or StubHub, let us pre-emptively say that you suck.