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Week 3 Blogpoll Draft

There is a lot of change this week on this week's blogpoll you can see below. We do have a couple of rules around here that will get you immediately banished from the draft.

  1. Don't lose to a 1-AA team
  2. Don't lose to a team that just lost to a 1-AA team

Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech decided not to follow these rules, and for that we have to say goodbye to the Hokies and Yellow Jackets for the time being.

Voodoo also had this to say about ties on our ballot, because with two people voting they do come up.

There were several rankings where we had ties, and we each had one team ranked one spot above the other. So the crude set of tiebreakers I came up with is:

- Most impressive win(s).
- Record.
- Best losses.

That's why TCU is ahead of Boise (Oregon State looks better than VA Tech does now), and why Oklahoma is ahead of Iowa (FSU is better than Iowa State).

So with that being said, here is our draft for this week's blogpoll

What do you guys think? Anything you all would change? Let us know in the comments.