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EA NCAA Football 11 Simulation - USF vs. Stony Brook

I set up an NCAA Football 11 dynasty for USF and then got out of the way to let the computer handle the season. (I went ahead and made everyone healthy again because there was no way to remove every player on every team who is hurt to start the season. So that means A.J. Love, Sterling Griffin, and Mark Popek are all in.) Every week I'll "play" the game and then post a recap.

First up, the Bulls played "FCS West" because I didn't change them to "FCS East" before I started the season. It doesn't really matter, though, they're all pretty much the same.


The game wasn't really as close as the score indicated. Stony Brook/FCS West got 10 of their 13 points off two turnovers - a deflected B.J. Daniels pass that was intercepted in USF territory, and a fumble return for a touchdown. Actually the Bulls were -4 in turnovers, giving it up four times while FCS West/Stony Brook was turnover-free.

Mo Plancher had a huge game, carrying 25 times for 204 yards and three touchdowns, including this 70-yard run on the second play of the game. However, he did lose two fumbles, including the one returned for a score.

Because of all the turnovers and some weird AI-influenced decision making, Stony Brook/FCS West was actually in the game in the third quarter. But down 27-13, they stalled in the USF red zone and then yanked a 28-yard field goal. On their next possession, they tried an ill-advised puntrooskie and failed miserably.

B.J. Daniels was 22-for-29 for 255 yards and two touchdowns, with Dontavia Bogan racking up 8 for 128 and a long touchdown right before halftime. The defense managed 14 tackles for loss, led by four from Keith McCaskill. Overall USF outgained FCS West/Stony Brook 471-236 and limited them to only six yards rushing.

One dim note - A.J. Love tore his pectoral and is out for 12 weeks. He won't be back until the Miami game.

Here's Bogan's touchdown and a monstrous sack by Terrell McClain that briefly knocked the Stony Brook/FCS West quarterback out of the game.