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Game 5 Anthem: Cincinnati

The Bulls have officially reached "frisky" status. I don't think they're empirically bad, but with the Big East maybe more loaded than it's ever been, they aren't going to win many conference games. Still, they're proving to be more competitive and interesting to watch than we had feared after watching them muddle through their non-conference games. Eventually they're going to bust through and beat someone they're not "supposed" to beat.

It may not be tonight, on the road against 15-1 Cincinnati, in a place where USF hasn't won since February 1988. But even against the Bearcats, things have been markedly better in the recent past. After breaking a 14-game losing streak to Cincinnati at the 2005 Conference USA tournament, USF has split the six games between the two teams since they joined the Big East together. In their last meeting, the Bulls blew a tight game open with a 23-6 run to start the second half and coasted to a win.

With all that in mind, today's queefcore anthem is "Better Days" by the Goo Goo Dolls. You ask me what I want this year, and I try to make this kind and clear, just a chance that maybe we'll find better days. That's about all we can ask for at this point. We'll have to see if they come this year or next.