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Game 6 Anthem: Providence

USF and Providence have one obvious common thread running through their seasons -- they really struggle to close out games. They're both 0-5 in Big East play, and seven of those combined 10 losses have been by single digits. And don't forget all the bizarre and freaky ways the Friars came up with to lose games last season, including a brutal buzzer-beating loss in Pittsburgh and two gut-punch defeats at the hands of USF. (The first one, in which the Bulls erased a nine-point deficit in the last 45 seconds of regulation and then won in overtime, is a game we've run video of on this site at least a half-dozen times.)

Both of these teams are closer to being respectable than the combined 0-10 Big East record would indicate. So for both teams, today's queefcore anthem is "So Far Away" by Nine Days. How near we've come has yet to show, we've come so close yet so far away.