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Game 7 Anthem: Rutgers

This was a tough game to find an anthem for. It's not like USF and Rutgers have this heated basketball rivalry, or lots of history, or any history of success. In fact, the only school in the Big East that has a longer NCAA Tournament drought than the Bulls is Rutgers. They haven't qualified since 1991, when they were still playing basketball in the Atlantic 10.

But after 20 years of trying (well, 16 years of trying plus the four years Fred Hill was coach), they might have finally hit a gusher in Mike Rice, who has lined up an inexplicable top-15 recruiting class to come to Rutgers next season. They obviously aren't going to be bad for too much longer, and soon they can take a run at ending that 20-year NCAA tournament drought.

So for them, today's queefcore anthem is "Once In A While" by Dishwalla. As a fan of a program that thought it was trending up awhile back, only to never get over the hump, take it from me: Don't go to the other side for nothing at all. Better make it worth your while.

Dishwalla - Once In A While (via Gugi21)