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Game 8 Anthem: West Virginia

I'm not above taking suggestions from people for these songs, because having to come up with 19 of these on my own is going to be damn near impossible. Fortunately in the Rutgers postgame haiku thread, GarySJ told us about the 13-year-old kid in Norway who shooed away a pack of wolves by blasting a Creed song at them through his phone.

So with West Virginia up next, we might as well use it. The Mountaineer mascot looks like someone who would be comfortable shooing away wolves, bears, or other wild animals in the forest (plus they have a musket to bail them out if things get really dicey). The song is named "Overcome", which has to be the only explanation for why West Virginia students stormed the court after beating Purdue last Sunday, even though WVU was a Final Four team last year and this wasn't really much of an upset. And of course, it's a song by Creed. They suck, our basketball team basically sucks... it's nice symmetry.

Also, it's late and I don't want to spend like two hours trying to find a song that lines up with USF's miserable 1-19 record against Bob Huggins-coached teams. That does it then -- today's queefcore anthem is "Overcome" by Creed. Enjoy? (Yeah, I doubt it. This, or the game.)

Creed - Overcome - Studio Version (via christiantschui)