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Game 3 Anthem: Villanova

Last Friday's game at UConn may have affected the course of the season. Gus Gilchrist had one of his best games as a Bull, the team got secondary scoring from Anthony Crater (of all people) and Hugh Robertson, and they forced Jim Calhoun to go to a zone for long stretches in the second half -- which he admitted after the game he hadn't done for so long that he couldn't remember when he had done it last.

Still, though, the primary issues with the team eventually surfaced in overtime. They almost went the entire five minutes without scoring, and the offense completely bogged down. Maybe they weren't expecting to get zoned, but during the last 16 minutes of the game (including the overtime period), the Bulls only scored 14 points.

So... is this team getting better? How much better? Did they just have a better-than-expected night in Hartford? Can they keep it up back in Tampa and grab an unexpected win? I don't know, but it made finding the right song pretty easy.

Today's queefcore anthem is "Better" by Hoobastank. Is it better now than yesterday? Better that I am this way? I'd better not be so afraid, I bet I shouldn't say...

I know it's electric instead of acoustic, but just listen to the lyrics. There is some serious queefiness going on here, trying in vain to hide behind the amps and power chords. You can understand how they ended up taking a major plunge into queefcore on their later albums.

hoobastank - Better - Hoobastank (via StaniL0v3r)