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Game 4 Anthem: Louisville

In their basketball history, the Bulls have beaten Louisville three times. Which would be fine, except that they've played each other 27 times.

As Card Chronicle noted on Friday, and in 2009, and in 2009, and in 2008, most of the Cardinals' wins in this series haven't been close. It's been a spectacularly lopsided series, even in the Sun Dome. Toro already wrote his experience on the bench during the nationally-televised disaster in 2004 where the Cardinals obliterated USF 85-40, handing the Bulls their worst home loss ever. It was 6-4 UL early on... then it was 32-6... then it was 60-19... then it was 78-28... yeah. (Ken, I'm sure you remember this game, too. As for me, I'm sure I changed the channel long before it ended.)

The Bulls have been playing better and I doubt they would lose by 45 points to anyone, but this is some downright sordid history against Louisville staring at them. This could be so brutal that I don't even particularly want to make any Rick Pitino "fifteen seconds" jokes. Plus they've all been used about 20 times. Anyway, for today's song, I've decided to appeal to common decency and compassion, except for the fact I'm using a Tonic song and they're bloody awful.

Today's queefcore anthem is "Mean to Me" by Tonic. Why you gotta be so mean to us, Louisville? Why you gotta drag us down just to make us see?

Seriously, what in the hell is going on in this video? A bunch of 486 computers, and TVs your grandmother might still own, and cutaway shots of sexy time with a hot blonde, and the TVs start sending phaser beams between each other, and then he smashes them all up with an aluminum baseball bat because he can't take the pain. This must have been the queefcore version of the movie "Sliver."