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Week 7 BlogPoll Ballot

Here is our BlogPoll ballot for the week. Explanations after the jump.

- It really is going to take a herculean effort to knock the Top 4 off their perch. I think most everyone agrees that those four teams have been the best this season. That LSU-Alabama game coming up is going to be a really good one.

- We corrected our mistake from last week and have Georgia Tech up almost a dozen spots to #12.

- After #20, you kind of just get into this big mashup of about a dozen or so schools that you could interchange and most people wouldn't fault you for it. Michigan State, Houston, USC, North Carolina, and even USF would have been fine there.

- With two tough losses and their dominant stretch after the loss to Michigan, Notre Dame is back on our ballot.

- Why no USF? Wanting the Bulls to win a couple of games before we put them back on. With the fluctuation at the bottom of the poll, they might jump on quicker than that.