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Daily Bull-ogosphere: October 12

Good morning V5ers! We hope you guys are had a better day than Stephen Garcia did yesterday. #ANDIWASBRO Onto the links!

1. Greg Auman has the video up from Coach Holtz's press conference from yesterday. The sweater vest is a good look for Skip. Just as long as guys don't start getting bunches of tattoos and Todd Fitch doesn't start running iso on first and second down the minute USF takes a 10-point lead.

2. The newest edition of the Big East Power Rankings are up, and USF held firm at number 4 this week.

3. Congrats to the women's golf team for dominating the USF/Waterlefe Invitational yesterday, winning the two-day tournament by 17 strokes. Christina Miller took home the individual title, her second in two events this year.

4. While the Half-Hoops have been excellent over the past couple of weeks against ranked opponents, Coach Keifer wants the squad to be mentally focused against some of the lesser opponents coming up on the schedule. Speaking of which, if you can't make it out to the Kop for tonight's game against DePaul, the game will be televised on BHSN.

5. Tom Zebold wants to see how the team rebounds this week against UConn after the loss to Pittsburgh two weeks ago. (By the way, Cincinnati went 12-0 two years ago, so a Big East team has gone through the conference schedule unbeaten. West Virginia also did it in 2005. And of course there were all those years Miami just blitzed the league.)