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The 13th Most Important Player For USF Basketball

Welcome back to the best 14 part countdown on the 2011-2012 USF basketball team out there! When we last left you, Jordan Omogbehin started off the countdown after being forced to sit out this season. Today's entrant will also have  to sit out this year but for another reason. So your 13th Most Important Player For USF Basketball this year is Martino Brock!

Like Omogbehin, Brock would be much higher on the countdown if he could play this year. The South Alabama transfer was easily the best player for the Jaguars last year, leading USA in scoring with 14.2 PPG. Martino also chipped in 3.9 rebounds, 2.4 assists, and 1.7 steals a game for South Alabama.

As much as Brock would be helpful this season, his experience will be a big plus for next year to replace the production lost by Hugh Robertson. As for this year, Brock will be the perfect person for our wings to go up against on a daily basis in practice.

Brock will also be the lead man in all handshakes, towel wavings, and hold playing back so they don't rush the floor when JAWANZA! does a 720 degree dunk.