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Daily Bull-ogosphere: October 13

Good morning V5ers! We hope you guys had as good of a night as the folks in Auburn did. On to the links!

1. The Half-Hoops took Coach Keifer's words to heart about treating each opponent equally as they dominated DePaul last night 2-0 at the Kop. Wesley Charpie scored the game winner in the 23rd minute, and Dom Dwyer scored his Big East-leading 11th goal to finish off the scoring.

2. Coach Holtz wants to see Lindsey Lamar and the kickoff return team to have some of the success they had last season when they face off against the toughest kickoff team in the conference this Saturday.

3. The newest Letter from Louk is up on This time, Jim Louk writes an article on softball great Monica Triner, who is about to be inducted to the USF Hall of Fame.

4. After winning their last two Big East games, the volleyball team dropped a straight set decision to Florida Gulf Coast yesterday in Fort Myers. Ouch.

5. If you want to get caught up in all the expansion mess, Mark and Patrick at The Big East Coast Bias have everything covered for you. And we do mean mess. This is going to end so, so badly.