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Daily Bull-ogosphere: October 14

Good Morning V5ers! We hope you guys had a better night than Cal QB Zach Maynard. On to the links!

1. The defense is happy to see Quenton Washington get back to 100% after injuring his knee during fall camp over in Vero Beach.

2. New Pictures of the Sun Dome renovation! Get your new pictures of the Sun Dome renovation!

3. Coach Fernandez just posted a new entry in his blog over on Jose talked about getting ready for the season and volunteering for a few great causes.

4. If you haven't done so already, make sure to get your picks in for the Community Protect Your Unit contest to be eligible for the $10 gift card for Gameday Depot.

5. Voting to raise the Big East exit fee is great when Boise wants to see more stability before joining. Not having Louisville participate however is a very bad thing.