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The 12th Most Important Player For USF Basketball

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Welcome back to The Most Important Player for USF Baksetball Countdown. After going through the two players who can't play this season due to various reasons, we finally meet players who can actually suit up and see the court this year! While this player will most likely see the least amount of time on the floor, he just might be the most important player due to his unofficial moniker. So without further ado, the 12th Most Important Player For USF Basketball and the 2011-12 USF Human Victory Cigar is Jordan Heath!

After redshirting last season, Lil' Heath is ready to see his first minutes in his USF career. Unfortunately for Jordan, Blake Nash, LaVonte Dority, and Anthony Collins are all ahead of him on the depth chart, and each of them need valuable minutes on the court to build some sort of rapport with their teammates.

So while the other three will each play some minutes, I'll be waiting for the rare blowout when Coach Heath looks down at the end of the bench and calls Jordan up to finish out the last few minutes of the game. Most fans will be begging Heath to shoot the ball as soon as he catches it to get in the statsheet and avoid earning a trillion. Other than that, big thing for Jordan this year is to join Martino Brock and Jordan Omogbehin on towel waving and handshake duties during the game and work hard to push the other three points in practice.