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The 11th Most Important Player For USF Basketball

Oh hey the basketball opener is 26 days. I guess its time to crank these out. When we last left you on TMIPFUSFB, Jordan Heath earned the title of USF Human Victory Cigar for the 2nd straight year, but this time he will actually play!

Today's entrant actually turned out to be the USFHVC for last year but has moved up one rung on the ladder this season. The 11th Most Important for USF Basketball this year is Alberto Damour!

The senior walk-on was only involved in 3 games last year and only logged 4 minutes of playing time. Unfortunately, Damour logged a trillion for each game and didn't record any statistics last season. While Alberto has a full year under the system and Mike Burwell transferred to Towson, I don't think there will be a ton of minutes available for Damour this year with Victor Rudd, Hugh Robertson, JAWANZA! Poland, and Shaun Noriega all ahead of him fighting for minutes at the wing.

Alberto will be there with Martino Brock, Heath, and Jordan Omogbehin as a good core for the starters to work against in practice, and here's hoping that we see Damour get a little more playing time in his final season at USF.