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Protect Your Unit Game - Week 7 Results

DISCLAIMER: These picks are for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Totals for three players have been corrected. See comments for explanation.)

Not to say that fake gambling isn't important, but I've been working on something much more important over the last couple of days and that's why these picks are coming out even later then normal. Odd considering I hit it big this week and you'd think I would want to blow my own horn as quickly as possible.

Here are the complete picks and results in Microsoft Excel format. Now for the standings, and we have a new leader after Kevin of The UConn Blog took an unfortunate nosedive. (More on that later.)

Look at Ken, still plugging away despite having roughly zero chance of winning this competition. Have to love that determination. In a couple weeks, every bet will be a degenerate bet for him.

BEST BET: As tempted as I am to give this to myself, let's hand this one to Andrew from The UConn Blog, who hit the first successful parlay we've seen in at least a month by bundling together a couple of upsets (UConn +8 and Ohio State +3.5, as they put 17 on the board and then let Ron Zook do Ron Zook things). 250 fake dollars into the fake bank for that fake bet. Nice job.

WORST BET: These aren't exactly worst bets, but Ken and Kevin both got very unlucky on the South Carolina-Mississippi State game. The Gamecocks were favored by 2.5, but they took a safety very late in the game which made the final score... you guessed it... 14-12. Kevin lost even more money on two other games where the winner didn't cover - Rutgers won, but not by 4. And Oklahoma won, but not by 36. I say that's a fair karmic punishment for putting a big chunk of fake money on USF to beat his own team.

MOST DEGENERATE BET: I made my chunk of money by loading up on a truly ridiculous line - SMU only getting 3.5 points against a UCF team that Vegas still thinks is as good as last year's model. (PROTIP: You can probably make a lot of money betting against any college team from Florida at this point. Mediocrity abounds.) The Mustangs won by 21 points. Chas fake hammered that line too, but I think he was planning to do it anyway. Scott, on the other hand, admitted that the only reason he put fake money on that game is because I put 220 fake dollars on it. Fortunately it worked out for him.