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Daily Bull-ogosphere: October 24

Good Morning V5ers! I would say something about I hope you had a better weekend than so and so, but we had a pretty bad weekend. So...Onto the links!

1. Greg Auman has video up of the postgame press conferences up of B.J. Daniels and Skip Holtz.

2. The Lady Half-Hoops finished their season with a 2-0 loss to Marquette on Saturday night. Thanks to the seniors for their work the past 4 seasons, including their NCAA run last year.

3. After winning their last three Big East matches, the volleyball team lost in straight sets to Notre Dame up in South Bend.

4. Half the yards we were penalized against UConn shouldn't have happened. I guess this shows that Big East officials are still horrible at their jobs and shouldn't even be officiating D3 games?

5. Just leave the Big XII already Missouri. Everyone is waiting for you to poach the Big East so we can disband the conference and join Mount America.