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The 10th Most Important Player For USF Basketball

Welcome back to the best countdown on the 2011-12 USF Men's Basketball Team out there! When we left you last week, Alberto Damour and Jordan Heath battled out for the title of USF Human Victory Cigar. Now that we've cracked the Top 10, its time to see who will be round out the rotation this season.

With the lack of open practices to see how the team looks, you are bound by what the coaching staff tells you to make any sort of what the rotation will look like this year. I could be completely wrong (and probably will be with the last couple of countdowns), but this guy has been talked about the least when Stan talks about the roster this year. So the 10th Most Important Player For USF Basketball this year is LaVonte Dority!

The sophomore point guard from Chicago had a difficult time transitioning to the college game last year, playing in 26 games last year while averaging .7 PTS/.3 REB/.4 AST last year in 5+ minutes a game. Dority was unsure of what to do while running the offense in his limited minutes last year, and his .8 A/T ratio showed his inexperience.

While Blake Nash looking like the runaway leader right now to start at the point, Dority and Anthony Collins will be battling for the backup spot and the 10-15 minutes that comes with it. Both guys will be given opportunities during the non-conference schedule to win the backup spot, but at this point I'm going with Collins to win that battle.

So who do you think will be the 9th Most Important Player For USF Basketball? Your answers are below.