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Protect Your Unit Game - Week 8 Results

DISCLAIMER: These picks are for entertainment value only. No actual wagering is being performed.

Last Saturday, a few of us spelled redemption W-E-E-D-E-N. If you remember back to the picks post, WVUIE97 from The Smoking Musket was extremely annoyed at Missouri for hemming and hawing about leaving for the SEC, and put a ton of cash down on Oklahoma State to beat them like a drum. I'm sure the West Virginia fans have since changed their tune, but that doesn't matter here -- the fake money's in the fake bank.

We also had another exciting development, as Ken effectively went broke. Sure he technically has $1.91 left, but come on. I made up a rule on the spot that any amount under $20 automatically gets rounded down to zero, and moves you into the sudden death round. Next week, Ken has to pick a Big East game correctly or he's done. And since the Big East is basically impossible to predict, I don't like his chances. I can't wait.

All of the individual picks, as always, can be found in the running Excel file. Here are the standings, and you'll notice a surge to the top of the standings by our new leader, which we'll explain in a minute.

BEST BET: How did Chris leap up from the pack to take the lead? Because he hit a huge parlay for $450. He had Rutgers, Cincinnati, and Oklahoma State bundled for 200 fake dollars. Since Rutgers pushed, that pick was backed out and it became a two-team parlay, which the Bearcats and Cowboys delivered on. Nice job Chris.

We already touched on another solid bet, the huge bet WVUIE97 hit on with Oklahoma State. I also hit a big bet, but I want to talk about a side story from that in the next section.

WORST BET: The worst bet I saw all weekend and probably all season happened in real life. I was out with some of my friends Friday night when everyone started talking about their college teams' games. One of them is a Kansas State alum and obviously very happy with how her season is going. Then for reasons that still escape me, one of the guys in our little section decided to make a bet with her that they would lose to Kansas. He didn't even get any points, he took the Jayhawks straight up. I was yelling at him not to do it, and I mean yelling even louder than you have to yell to be heard in a crowded bar, because I had fake loaded up on Kansas State giving 11 points and knew he was going to lose. I think I even called Bill Snyder a treacherous old bastard, which is completely true. Anyway, the Wildcats eked out a 59-14 win, and he lost five real dollars while I won 200 fake ones.


As far as the worst bets in this game, this has to go to Toro for parachuting back into the game and promptly blowing 230 fake dollars on Ron Zook. Really? Going big or going home on Ron Zook?

MOST DEGENERATE BET: Andrew gets this one. He's become drawn to the over/under bets the last few weeks, and he tossed out a real gem this week -- he took the must-see Buffalo-Northern Illinois matchup and put 25 fake dollars on under 62 points. So naturally the game goes back and forth before the Bulls scored a late touchdown to cut the lead to 31-30 and lined up for the extra point. Overtime was on the horizon, and it didn't look good for Andrew's fake bet. Until Buffalo yanked the PAT and lost by one.