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Daily Bull-ogosphere: October 3

Good morning V5ers! Let's hope you guys had a better Sunday than Arsenal did. On to the links!

1. Pico at Rumble in the Garden finished up his basketball roundtable last week, and you can find parts two, three, four, and five at each number. If you want to read up on who is going to beat us this year, that would be the place to do it.

2. Speaking of the basketball team, both the men's and women's basketball teams helped out with Enhancing U's basketball wheelchair clinic. Really nice photo gallery and video over at the link.

3. The Big East members are ready to expand the conference. This is totally great news! Who's ready for roadtrips to Colorado and Annapolis?

4. The Half-Hoops earned a hard fought draw against Providence Saturday night.

5. The guys at Friar Blog have this random Big East Rumor widget up and you can waste at least 20 minutes of your day with this.