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Week 6 BlogPoll Ballot

Here is our BlogPoll Ballot for the week. Explanations after the jump.

  • Clemson survived a run of Auburn, Florida State, and Virginia Tech, and deservedly jumps up 5 spots into the 8th spot.
  • With what seemed like the middle 3rd of the poll losing last weekend, there was bound to be a lot changes this week. Texas, Michigan, Arkansas, and West Virginia were the big beneficiaries of all the movement, each jumping at least 5 spots.
  • Georgia Tech was on my ballot this week, but absent from Gary's. If the Yellow Jackets win this week, I'm sure they'll get a jump up next week.
  • With 5 new teams jumping in, its hard to feel comfortable about each one making an extended run in the poll.
  • Its going to take a couple of wins before we put USF back in.