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Conference Expansion: Big East Meeting Was For Raising Exit Fees, Not Expansion

For those wondering about who would be offered an invitation to the Big East with today's morning teleconference, the answer is no one. Expansion wasn't even a topic of conversation according to Brendan Prunty of The Star-Ledger. The focus of today's teleconference was trying to raise the conference exit fees as a deterrent to keep even more schools from leaving the Big East. 

There were also talks about the schools giving the Big East its TV rights for the near future, but the football members were not supportive of the move. I'll let Greg Auman describe why the football members wouldn't be too fond of this right now.

The Big East could follow the Big 12's model, with schools agreeing to a long-term grant of TV rights, meaning the Big East would control a school's TV revenues even if it left the conference, another major deterrent.

With Missouri still looking like they are bolting for the SEC, Louisville, West Virginia, and Cincinnati or a combination of the three would be looked at as the possible replacements for the Tigers. Why would any of those three schools forfeit their TV revenues for the near future when a possible invitation to a more stable conference might be just a few weeks away?

So what next? For right now absolutely nothing. The six football members of the Big East will be waiting to see what Missouri does before the Big XII reacts. If the Tigers leave, Louisville is almost a certainty to be the next school the Big XII targets. That would push the Big East to five football members and would effectively kill the conference like we talked about yesterday. Even if they don't leave, the Big XII might invite Louisville and another school to get to twelve football members and restart the conference championship game.

Either way, it doesn't look good for either USF.