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Daily Bull-ogosphere: November 10

Good morning V5ers! You know what. I'm just happy USF wasn't in the news yesterday. Onto the links!

1. Greg Auman has a video up of Stan Heath as he gets ready for the season opener this Saturday against Vermont.

2. The latest edition of Coordinators Corner with Todd Fitch is up at If you have a couple of minutes you should give a listen as he prepares against Syracuse.

3. Speaking of Heath, he and Jim Louk sit down for the first edition of the Stan Heath Show. Yes I'm excited about basketball starting this weekend.

4. Ken Eriksen and the softball team signed their first player yesterday, as Erica Nunn faxed in her NLI yesterday. The lefty was dominant on the mound as well as the plate. Looks like the softball team has another quality player heading to Tampa.

5. It had to happen. Doesn't matter what he did or didn't do, Paterno had to go before the end of the year.