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The 3rd Most Important Player For USF Basketball

Welcome back to The Most Important Player For USF Basketball Countdown! After Ron Anderson Jr. ended up into the number 4 spot, its time to get to the Top 3! Today's entrant did not record any stats for the Bulls last year, but its not the guy you are expecting. The 3rd Most Important Player for USF Basketball this year is Victor Rudd!

The 6'7" Sophomore comes to USF from Arizona State, where he had a slow start in Tempe before transferring after his first season. In 15 games at ASU, Rudd played around 6 minutes a game while averaging 2.5 PTS/1.1 REB a contest.

Rudd has wowed everyone since arriving on campus, and Heath even said that Victor was the 2nd best player he's ever had while in Tampa, only behind Dominique Jones. Rudd has already secured the starting spot on the wing, and will be looked on as the main offensive weapon on the outside. He has solid range for a player his size, and is freakishly athletic. He showed off that ability with a couple of amazing dunks against Tampa this Saturday.

Along with being the main option at the 3, Rudd will be the emergency option at the 4 if two of our posts get into foul trouble. Rudd has the height to combat with most 4s down in the paint, he will just have to use his quickness to overcome his lack of size compared to his probable opponents.

I wouldn't be surprised if Rudd leads the team in scoring he's that good. Even with Augustus Gilchrist out there, Rudd should easily get 12-15 PPG. If Rudd can grab 5-7 rebounds a night, even better.

So who will be the 2nd Most Important Player for USF Basketball? Your two choices are below.