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USF Wounded Warrior Uniforms Officially Released

At Skip Holtz's weekly press conference today, USF unveiled its final version of the Wounded Warrior uniforms that they will wear against Miami this Saturday. While most of the uniform stayed the same from what we saw from Under Armour last week, there are a couple of changes from that version.

(Pics from the USF Oracle twitter feed)


As you can see, the numbers have changed from plain white from the initial release to gold. You couldn't tell before hand, but the trim around the Wounded Warrior print will be gold as well to tie the uniform together. I'm a fan of the gold, as the white numbers didn't mesh well with the rest of the uniforms. While we didn't get an up close picture of the shoes last week, they were able to get a quality shot today.


The pattern is the exact same as the shoulder yoke, and you'll notice there are USA's within the print. Like the green trim on the shoes.


Finally the helmet. We saw originally there was going to be a gold helmet, followed by some sort of striped number. Now that we get an up close view of it, its the exact same print as the rest of the Wounded Warrior print. Like the green logo with the gold trim so it doesn't get lost within the helmet. Believe that's also a green facemask.

Now that you've seen the official set, what do you guys think?