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My Extremely Early Reaction To USF's 2011-12 Point Guards

Lately I don't get to write as much as I'd like to. But Ken and I typically have a running text conversation during the day about various USF and blog-managing stuff. It goes like this:

KEN: (reports some piece of news)

ME: (cracks joke about piece of news)

KEN: (cracks another joke about piece of news)

And so on. Today Ken dug up the stats of one Anthony Crater, who was dismissed from the USF basketball teamover the summer and ended up at Georgetown College, an NAIA school. Through six games, Crater has played 149 minutes and scored a total of 29 points, with 12 rebounds, 18 assists, and 19 turnovers. Yes, he has more turnovers than assists. At an NAIA school, after having played for Ohio State and USF.

That got me thinking about how, even though we're only three games in, the point guard play is much easier to watch. Pretty much everyone is new, so it's not at the Chucky level of the Chuckycrater Scale, or even at the Reggie Kohn level. But at least LaVonte Dority and Blake Nash can make entry passes and plausibly run the offense. It may still not be really good, but it looks a lot better.

In other words, I feel like this. Note that I can be either Jay Sherman or Duke Phillips in this clip.