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USF Basketball Mixology: Game 4, Old Dominion


(DISCLAIMER: Enjoy responsibly. 21 means 21. Don't drink and drive.)

When I first pondered what drink would go best with the Old Dominion game, my first thought was "Old Dominion sounds like a regional microbrew."

And guess what? It is! One of the true wonders of the Internet is its ability to shoot down all your clever ideas.

Old Dominion Brewing Company is based in the Washington DC area, and brews the usual range of beers, from light pilsner to pale ale to a millennium ale that celebrates the brewery's 1000th batch by being 1000 proof. It's only available in the D.C. area, so I can't attest to its quality. Any inside-the-beltway Bulls, or Georgetown fans, are invited to share their experiences in the Comments section.

Their microbrew pub is called UTC Old Dominion Brewhouse, which makes me wonder if Tennessee-Chattanooga is involved somehow. Other university names that would also make good beer names:

Longwood: Your basic crisp golden pale ale.
Siena: A creamy brown ale with a hint of caramel.
Citadel: A strong bock with a subtle malt profile.
Northridge:  An American wheat beer with a slight citrus tang. The kind of beer that comes with a lemon wedge until you specifically tell the bartender not to.
Pepperdine: A beer with a chili pepper in it
Wisconsin-Stout: A Wisconsin stout.
Kennesaw: Have you ever been stuck overnight in some small southern town where all the state-owned liquor stores close at 4 p.m. on Friday and the only alcohol available is some local brew that comes in white cans, tastes like water and probably causes blindness? Kennesaw is the name of that beer.

So for this game's mixology, simply grab a sixer of your favorite microbrew (Ken would like to suggest Cigar City Beer). Better yet, pick up a fresh growler from your local brew pub. We're going to need something strong if we draw Kentucky tomorrow, so let's not overdo it today.