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Protect Your Unit Game - Week 9 Results

Well, this is starting to go horribly. The guy who doesn't even have a football team in the Big East is starting to pull away after a couple of his closest pursuers (including me) completely flamed out last week. DIE IN A FIRE ARKANSAS YOU CAN'T EVEN COVER 10 POINTS AT VANDERBILT MAYBE YOU SHOULD TRY GIVING A CRAP BEFORE THE THIRD QUARTER YOU -- oh sorry, that's uncalled for. This isn't even real money.

Complete picks and standings can be found in the Excel file. Here's the rundown:



* - Ken still technically has $1.91, but screw that.


BEST BET: Kevin gets this award for pulling two pretty clever bets out of the mid-major ether. He hit on Western Kentucky giving six to Louisiana-Monroe, and in an extremely impressive pick, getting Wyoming against San Diego State. He had 18 points to spare, but the Cowboys won that one straight up, as did the Hilltoppers.

WORST BET: OK, look. I like Kansas State. They gave USF its first coach, they're the poster children for making something out of nothing, and they were the only team that could give Nebraska a challenge in the Big 8 in the mid-90s when I really, really hated the Huskers. (This was in their late Tom Osborne, Lawrence Phillips and Christian Peter on the same team, no one could tackle Tommie Frazier, Bowdenesque slap-on-the-wrist punishments for major offenses era. Also my warped teenage brain was convinced that the Blackshirts were juicing.) But I really should have considered that Oklahoma hasn't lost consecutive Big XII games since the Clinton administration, and still hasn't after their 58-17 nailbiter.

MOST DEGENERATE BET: Kevin again, because see Best Bet. Who pays that much attention to Wyoming football? I'm not even sure Cowboy Altitude would have made that pick.