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Daily Bull-ogosphere: November 21

Good morning V5ers! We hope you guys had a better night than Philip Rivers. Onto the links!

1. Greg Auman has videos up from Wesley Charpie and George Keifer after the Half-Hoops' 2-1 OT win last night at Corbett.

2. Speaking of the Hoops, they will be taking on New Mexico this Sunday after their 2-1 overtime victory over Duke last night.

3. In USF's loss to Penn State yesterday, Augustus Gilchrist injured his left shoulder in the first half. Gus will have tests run today to see the extent of the injury. With the extreme lack of depth in the post, lets hope he'll be back soon.

4. B.J. Daniels will have tests run on his shoulder as well to see if he will be able to go this Friday against Louisville. I really hope they go well.

5. Free tickets for Sunday's game as well? You guys are awesome Tampa Bay Sports Commission.