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REVEALED! USF's Quarterback Depth Chart Against Louisville

If you listened to Skip Holtz's press conference yesterday, you heard him rattle off quite a few names as potential quarterbacks against Louisville on Friday if B.J. Daniels's AC joint bruise keeps him out of action. Although Holtz only named a few players as possibilities, Voodoo Five has obtained an EXCLUSIVE copy of the entire quarterback depth chart against the Cardinals. Remember, MUST CREDIT VOODOO FIVE.

Here it is:


  • B.J. Daniels
  • Bobby Eveld
  • Matt Floyd
  • Evan Landi
  • Victor Marc
  • Ryan Eppes
  • Baylin Trujillo
  • Baylin Trujillo's hair
  • Dom Dwyer (if he's good at one kind of football, maybe he's good at another)
  • Ron Anderson Jr. (would be devastating in a Tebow Smash kind of role)
  • Marquel Blackwell (wearing Terrence Mitchell's uniform)
  • Brian Fisher (he's got some eligibility left, doesn't he?)
  • Jamius Gunsby
  • mpetty99
  • JAWANZA! (I would tolerate a 70-point loss if he came out of the tunnel in a #5 uniform that said "JAWANZA!" on the nameplate. I would also buy a replica.)
  • Trey Holtz (the family business can wait, kid)
  • Sara Nevins (could fit the ball into tight passing lanes)
  • Pat Julmiste (getting desperate)
  • Gallagher (getting really desperate)
  • Brett Favre