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USF Secondary Decimated By Injuries

With West Virginia and their high-powered offense coming to Tampa this Thursday, the last thing you want to hear is that the secondary is fighting through a ton injuries. But during Skip Holtz's press conference today, Holtz lamented about how banged up the back four are.

In case you were wondering. The secondary has the following issues:

  • Kayvon Webster is still trying to come back from a concussion he suffered against Miami that forced him out of the Louisville game last week. 
  • Quenton Washington was able to recover from his concussion he suffered against Miami, but Q subluxated his shoulder in the fourth quarter and couldn't play the rest of the game.
  • George Baker bruised his ribs Friday and is questionable for this week's game.
  • JaQuez Jenkins is still battling a hamstring injury he's had for most of the season.
  • Tyson Butler has a neck injury and might miss the game this week.
  • Backup safety Spencer Boyd is still suspended and will miss a 3rd game due to in-house issues.

This doesn't include the season ending injuries to Ricardo Dixon and Ernie Tabuteau. Its gotten so bad for the defense that walk-ons Brandon Salinas and Patrice Pierre have been working with the 2nd team defense at cornerback and strong safety, and I wouldn't be surprised if both get some significant minutes Thursday.

Let's hope that they guys get better and are somehow ready for Thursday.