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Daily Bull-ogosphere: November 30

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Good morning V5ers! Who else is excited about tonight's big game in Richmond? Onto the links!

1. I keep forgetting how small this senior class is. With only 6 senior starters this year, the majority of the team will be back next season. I can see some of you shaking your head, but this is a good thing.

2. Forgot to talk about this earlier, but Evan Landi will be replacing Victor Marc at punt returner after Marc's struggles back there the last few weeks.

3. Congrats to the 12 members of the football team who are set to graduate this semester. Excellent work guys.

4. Even though this year has been an abject failure, its nice knowing that we still aren't last in this week's version of the Big East Power Poll.

5. Just our weekly shout outt that you need to vote for Matt at The Bull Rush over at the Volvo Big East Fan Contest.