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Daily Bull-ogosphere: November 4

Good Morning V5ers! We guys hope you had a better night than Boston College. Onto the links!

1. Jim Louk talks with DC Mark Snyder in their weekly edition of Coordinator's Corner. Always worth a listen to.

2. USF and UCF might start playing next year? Sure why not. If they're joining the conference in a few years, you might as well have them replace TCU on the schedule.

3. has USF as the 82nd best team in the country and is projecting the Bulls to finish with a 14-16 record. All things considering I will take it.

4. Greg Auman has videos up of the press conferences of Skip Holtz along with coordinators Mark Snyder and Todd Fitch.

5. On the Big East Expansion front, the Idaho State Board of Educators gave permission to Boise State President Bob Kustra to pursue joining the Big East. This was one of the last hurdles for the Broncos to joining the conference, so here's hoping we finally hear something soon about teams officially joining the league.