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Daily Bull-ogosphere: November 7

Good Morning V5ers! We hope you guys are all proud graduates of Ball So Hard University like Terrell Suggs. Onto the links!

1. The Half-Hoops were upset by Villanova 1-0 in the Quarters of the Big East Tournament. Nova scored off a set piece in the 3rd minute and the Bulls were not able to find an equalizer. Now the squad will have to wait until the NCAA releases the College Cup Bracket to see where they land.

2. When Skip makes up words to describe how one part of the team did, its never good. If you guys want to mash up words to describe something in the comments, I won't stop you.

3. The volleyball team swept Georgetown yesterday to move to 6-6 in Big East play. The win gave USF a 10-0 all-time advantage over Georgetown.

4. Greg Auman has videos up from the postgame interviews of Todd Fitch and Mark Snyder.

5. Missouri was finally accepted into the SEC yesterday. Thank God this expansion stuff is almost over with.