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The 5th Most Important Player For USF Basketball

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Welcome back to the longest running 14 13 player countdown on the 2011-12 USF Basketball team. Last we left you, Hugh Robertson clocked in at #6 as he moves into a supersub role for both Shaun Noriega and Victor Rudd while Jawanza Poland is out for the first month of the year. Today's entrant will need to stay healthy as he is THE backup to both of our posts. The 5th Most Important Player For USF Basketball This Year is Toarlyn Fitzpatrick!

After being thrown into the fire due to Augustus Gilchrist's ankle injury his freshman year, Fitzpatrick saw his minutes cut almost in half with Ron Anderson Jr. jumping into the rotation. That didn't cut down on his production however. Toarlyn played in all 33 games last year, and in 14 minutes a game averaged 4.3 PTS/4.1 REB a game last season.

This year Toarlyn will have an uptick of minutes as he will be the only post option off the bench of Coach Heath this year. According to Heath Fitzpatrick had a tremendous offseason, and he should have a productive year off the bench. Don't be surprised if Fitzy averages 8-8 this year.

So who do you think will be #4 in TMIFUSFB countdown? Your answers are below.