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Daily Bull-ogosphere: November 9

Good morning V5ers! We hope you guys enjoyed the all that hot Tuesday night 66-63 MACtion. On to the links!

1. Congrats to Chaz Hine, who was named as a finalist for the prestigious Wuerffel Trophy. The Wuerffel Trophy is given to the student-athlete who "combines exemplary community service with outstanding academic and athletic achievement". We wish him the best of luck.

2. Even with the Half-Hoops stumble last week, they still landed at #5 in the latest RPI. This is big news when it comes to a possible top-8 seed for the College Cup bracket. A seed between fifth and eighth would give them home-pitch advantage all the way to the final eight.

3. These Greg Auman & Tom Jones AUDIO SLIDESHOWS! are becoming one of my favorite weekly staples during football season. You should give it a listen.

4. Victor Marc said he won't make the same mistakes he made last week on special teams again. Here's hoping. Also in the article, it looks like there might be a possible switch at punter -- Chris Veron will be making the trip up to Syracuse along with Justin Brockhaus-Kann.

5. I know we've been focusing on the men's team, but Jose Fernandez finally has some serious size down in the post this year.