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West Virginia 30, USF 27: Don't Expect Much

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I didn't see most of the game. I'm busy on Thursday nights, and by the time I got home and turned on the TV, JaQuez Jenkins had already returned his interception for a touchdown to give USF a 27-20 lead. So don't expect much detailed analysis.

I gave up on the season weeks ago. Basically after they lost the Cincinnati game, because you can't win any conference with three losses. The rest of the season for me was a mix of "how bad can it really get" and then morbid amusement. I thought last night's game was a moving tribute to all the ways USF has found to lose games this year. I laughed, I cried, I laughed to keep from crying. It was extremely entertaining in a totally perverse way. So don't expect much disappointment.

I wrote at length already about the things that I didn't like about this team. And they were all on display last night. Skip Holtz punting on 4th and 4 at the West Virginia 38. Todd Fitch celebrating his 10,000th consecutive goal-line fade without a touchdown. Ryne Giddins committing a brutal personal foul on 3rd and 16 when USF rushed all of two defenders at Geno Smith. Maikon Bonani being sent out to punt because that position has been so horrible all year, only to see Bonani's punt get blocked. B.J. Daniels holding the ball out in front of him like it was a dog leash and losing it on what turned out to be the Bulls' last snap on offense of the season. USF sitting back on defense and letting Smith find his way down the field for the eventual winning points. But I stopped being mad about all that awhile ago. So don't expect much anger.

I believe that someone needs to clean house in Athletics. After all the other things that they're responsible for allowing to happen, Doug Woolard and Bill McGillis have now allowed the football team to crater on their watches -- the only team anyone who isn't a hardcore USF fan or alum really cares about. It has never been worse than this in the 15 years of USF football, a bad season with nothing good on the horizon. (I mean, do you know how hard you have to suck to miss a bowl game playing in the Big East?) These last three home games, the ones that USF was going to really cash in with, didn't even matter. No one bought tickets, and it sounds like it's going to be even easier to get tickets next year. We know a lot of people are upset. But are enough of the right people upset to make something happen? That we don't know. So until that happens, don't expect much change.