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USF Releases 2011 Football Schedule

Our long national nightmare is over, as the Big East finally remembered they had to release the 2011 schedules for each team. Below is USF's schedule and we will talk about it more in detail afterward.

  • Saturday, September 3rd @ Notre Dame
  • Saturday, September 10th vs. Ball State
  • Saturday, September 17th vs. Florida A&M
  • Saturday, September 24th vs. UTEP
  • Thursday, September 29th @ Pitt
  • Saturday, October 15th @ UConn
  • Saturday, October 22nd vs. Cincinnati
  • Saturday, November 5th @ Rutgers
  • Friday, November 11th @ Syracuse
  • Saturday, November 19th vs. Miami
  • Friday, November 25th vs. Louisville (MUST CREDIT VOODOO FIVE)
  • Thursday, December 1st vs. West Virginia

- That's a horrible three game stretch to end the season. Home against Miami on the November 19th, then we finish on back to back 6 day game weeks against Louisville and West Virginia. I don't think Skip will appreciate being handcuffed like that against 3 of the toughest teams on the schedule. At least Louisville and West Virginia will deal with the exact same thing.

- Looks like my prediction of 4 weekday games earlier today proved correct. Surprised its a Friday game against Syracuse instead of Rutgers, but the other three weekday games against Pitt, Louisville, and West Virginia was pretty much expected.

- Voodoo nailed the Louisville game date after the Miami game was moved up one week.

- The Big East decided not to give us a bye week before any of our weekday games. Only giving essentially 4 days between UTEP and a road trip to Pitt sucks.

That's just my immediate thoughts on the schedule. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments.